Powers of Lightness

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Dance, Visual & Physical Theatre
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Tossie van Tonder is a 62-year old South African dance veteran. Powers of Lightness is her response to South Africa, her love, defence and all
emotions rising for her country. She brings her whole self to every performance, each a unique event driven by her fierce intellectual and
emotional questing. The body in space and time is the unpredictable meeting place of personal and collective energies, while movement and
silence are their language. Van Tonder’s dance technique builds down institutionalised dance forms to embolden her affect and its unique
beauty. Her concern and celebration of South Africa is a visceral experience also for the spectators. They have described Powers of
Lightness as a shamanic ritual of release of dark forces, a fearless treading between life and death and a profound catharsis that is a feat
of beauty.



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