The Blue Period of Milton van der Spuy

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Milton van Der Spuy has a few problems – and they’re making him blue. He really wants to complete his next poem, but he’s hit a block with finding a rhyme for orange. He’s desperate to finish his current painting, except he can’t find a way to begin. And then there’s the constant danger that his head might explode…

Named after the poet, Milton is an artist whose talents lie, um… elsewhere. Playwright Greig Coetzee’s most simple, and yet most complex character is brought to life by award-winning actor, Francis Mennigke, in this new production directed by Peter Mitchell. It is, at once, a whimsical celebration and a playful mockery of Art in all its forms.

Milton’s not so intellectual brain has been filled with fantasies of being a great artist by his mother, a pathetic woman who tries to live vicariously through her son’s meagre talents. Coetzee’s extraordinary talent for comedy and pathos brings us a character who is at once appealing and laughable, but draws us closer and closer.

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