The Playroom

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The Playroom is the first theatre production from the Western Cape to ever win the Zwakala Festival at the Market Theatre. The play had a season at Market Theatre/Barney Simon Theatre mentored by Monageng Motshabi.

“Space is an integral part in The Playroom as the different characters deal with their various ordeals and traumas in one space. The haphazard nature of the mentally ill characterises this playroom, from beginning to end, and the term this is a ‘mad house’ is appropriate when describing the space before the audience at the Market Theatre. But as the story unfolds and the initial fascination with the humour associated with mental illness subsides, the characters’ personal stories begin to reveal themselves…. The narrative moves swiftly and sometimes violently, combining drama and quiet humour to pique the audience’s interest throughout. The pieces of the puzzle in the story are all in place and every actor and actress plays their roles fittingly.” – The Citizen



Fringe Fresh Award 2017


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