We’re offering high schools in Cape Town the chance to enjoy a FREE and exclusive performance of the award-winning play Police Cops – a three-man comedy fresh from the esteemed Brighton Fringe.

Yes, that’s right: you could win a full 60-minute performance of Police Cops for your school, at your school. If you’re one of the lucky schools, we’ll come to you, set up the show for free – and share an unforgettable hour with your learners.

This exciting (and hilarious) performance could happen after a school assembly, or during break, or in a double English period… it’s up to you. We just need a venue and an audience to make the magic happen.

So if you have an appropriate performance space available between 19 and 21 September, contact us. Learners at your school will not only have the chance to enjoy the world-class performance, but will also be able to meet and interact with the performers after the show.

While we’re delighted to able to offer this as a FREE performance, there’s nothing to stop you (or your school) from selling tickets, turning this into a potential fund-raising opportunity too. 

If you’re a high school principal, English or drama teacher, a theatre club member or anyone else at any high school in Cape Town, drop Cape Town Fringe Guest Artistic Direct Rob Murray an email on rob@capetownfringe.co.za and we’ll let you know soon if you’re one of the lucky winners.

About Police Cops

Police Cops is a three-man British comedy show that parodies the American police drama genre. It’s a playful performance that combines Lecoq-inspired physical storytelling with comedic text and cinematic imagery. With nothing more than a suitcase-worth of props and set, the three clowns present a high-octane, action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled performance… live on stage.

  • Language: English
  • Recommended Age: 13+ (Some colourful language – it’s British comedy, after all)

What the press says 

“So what makes this show so special? Well, the writing hits an impressive high [and] they’re a supremely generous ensemble, putting in supercharged performances with a physicality that puts them firmly in Total Theatre territory. And their connection with the audience is unbeatable.” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – The Stage, Aug 2015

“This exhilarating action spoof [features] three hyperactive actors whose earnestly pitch-perfect performances and impressive physical timing are a joy to behold… A kinetic mini-triumph.” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – The Scotsman, Aug 2015

What we need

We’ll pack the show in a van and bring it to your school. It’s that simple. All we need is:

  • Available performance space min. 3m (d) x 4m (w).
  • Access to power on stage. We’ll bring our own sound system.
  • Available lighting is an added bonus.
  • Two to three hour preshow set-up.

What you get

  • An exclusive FREE 60 min performance at your school.
  • A chance to sell tickets to fundraise (you get to keep all the money).
  • A chance to meet the performers/engage with the show.
  • Additional workshop/s an optional bonus.

If you are an interested teacher (or know of a teacher who might be interested), please contact rob@capetownfringe.co.za