Production posters

Printing of production posters are the responsibility of each Fringe production. The Fringe will make space available for such posters to be put up at our venues, within certain guidelines aimed at making it as fair as possible for all productions.

In order to put posters up at any Fringe venue or in any public space, the following guidelines need to be adhered to:

1. Posters should be A2 or A3 in size
2. All posters must include a standard sponsor strip – which is available for download at the bottom of this page.
3. The strip may not be altered, cropped or resized in any way.
4. Any logo which is used, and which needs to be resized as appropriate or allowed, may only be sized proportionately to maintain the aspect ratio. If you do not know what this means please consult a designer before resizing logos.

The strip is to be positioned at the bottom of the poster, and should be sized proportionately so that it extends across the full width of the poster.

Without this strip, the poster may not be placed at any Fringe venue.

If you believe that your poster design is such that it should be exempt from the above guidelines, please contact the Fringe office to discuss BEFORE you go to print with any collateral. If permission is not given for an exception to be made, we will not be liable for any printing costs you have incurred.

Here are the files you will need (right click on the text link of the version you want, choose “Save As…” and save the file to your desktop)

Please note that any usage of the Cape Town Fringe logo on marketing materials of any kind, except where the poster design strip is used intact, will require our approval

LOGO (Click on the colour logo you want from the selection below, and the high res version will open in your browser. You can then right click and “Save As” to your computer)

 2017-black 2017-red 2017-blue2017-green

Sponsor strips – printed posters

These strips are to be used on Production specific posters, as per this example:


We have produced a sponsor strip for each venue – so you simply need to download the version that names the venue your production is appearing in. If you are performing in multiple venues, or if your venue name is incorporated into your poster design elsewhere, then simply use the Generic Strip. Below are the high res JPGs – click and save (note these are CMYK version of the strip to facilitate printing)

GENERIC - poster strip - cmykGeneric Strip (no venue) Jolly - poster strip - cmykJolly Carp
Makukhanye - poster strip - cmykMakukhanye Art Room Alexander Bar - poster strip - cmykAlexander Bar
Zolani - poster strip - cmykZolani Centre Little Theatre- poster strip - cmykLittle Theatre
Bindery- poster strip - cmykBindery Lab German Club - poster strip - cmykGerman Club
P4 studio - poster strip - cmykP4 Studio TAA - poster strip - cmykTheatre Arts Admin
delft - poster strip - cmykDelft Black Box Alma - poster strip - cmykAlma Cafe

Digital/Facebook promotion

We have created a series of Social media-friendly devices you can use to promote your show – simply download the image below that matches your performance venue, and place a production pic in the white space and you’re ready to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If there are any other versions/sizes/colours you would like give us a shout – we’re happy to help develop those for you.

 facebook cover - makukhanyeMakukhanye Art Room facebook cover - delftDelft Black Box Theatre
 facebook cover - almaAlma Cafe facebook cover - jollyJolly Carp
 facebook cover - TAATheatre Arts Admin facebook cover - zolaniZolani Centre
 facebook cover - alexanderAlexander Bar  facebook cover - generic    Generic (no venue)
facebook cover - germanGerman Club  facebook cover - binderyThe Bindery
facebook cover - P4P4 Studio  facebook cover - little theatreLittle Theatre